Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Dog Parks Deserve a Little Support

Here I am greeting a friend at the Brush Prairie Dog Park

This morning I went to my favorite dog park, the Brush Prairie Park. It is run by Clark Dog Paw in conduction with Clark County Parks. DOGPAW is an all-volunteer non-profit (501c3) organization registered in the State of Washington and it is because of them that I have so many beautiful dog parks to choose from in my town of Vancouver, WA.

Isn't my park beautiful?
Today, the lawn was freshly mowed, bright new informational signs were posted, and the doggie clean-up bag containers were filled. With a view of Mt. Hood and nice dogs and owners walking around the park, it made for a wonderful morning. I was so happy. I ran up to my friends, got petted and sniffed some new dogs. 

I even ran like the wind and played on the mound with the pipe I can run through. I even got water from the spigot with the other dogs. It was like a big party.

Here's the people and dogs having a great time.
So it was a bit of a downer when one of the owners said that Clark Dog Paw needs more money. You see, the membership drive is still on. If everyone who went to the dog park paid their $25 annual membership all would be well. But that, evidently isn't the case. Here is how you can become a member like me!

So, if you live in Vancouver, please join Clark Dog Paw. I'd really appreciate it! And if you love dogs and live anywhere else, you can donate on behalf of our parks. If you donate, please tell them Cinnamon sent you!

Please help my beautiful dog parks. I would really, really appreciate it.

Love, Cinnamon

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