Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cinnamon's New Warning Leash

I've had it! When I am on my leash I feel vulnerable. When other dogs come up to me and get in my face, I get scared and need to protect myself. So what do I do? I snap. Grrrr.... Snap! GO AWAY!

My owner was getting tired of explaining to everyone that I don't like dogs coming up to me when I'm on the leash. She had to explain that I was fine at the dog park where I was off my leash and I was a very nice dog. BUT DON'T GET IN MY FACE!

So I was really excited when I read about warning leashes and harnesses. Assuming dogs and/or people can read simple words, these leashes should make things easier on all of us. Here is what they look like:

I think I would be embarrassed to wear a leash or harness that said "nervous!"
I think if people read the leashes, they will understand. If a leash says, "Caution," wouldn't you back off? I sure would! But I am friendly with people so I got the "No Dogs" leash instead.

This is the leash I got. It means... "Dogs, get outta my face when I'm on my leash!"

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