Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Coping with Thunder and Lightning: Tips for Dogs

I don't like thunder and lightning. And, everyone knows, I don't like fireworks. So a couple of days ago I was really annoyed when I was awakened from a deep sleep by rolling thunder and a few cracks of lightning thrown in for good measure.

I immediately jumped up from my warm bed and sought refuge. I am pretty smart about finding the safest zones in the house. They are places in the center of the house with no windows. So I go into the master bathroom. This time, the shower door was open so I decided to go in there... even safer, right?

So I found out the bath mat was hung on the towel rack. I clickety clicked around looking for a place to lay my weary head... nothing. I was standing in the dry shower, scared of the thunder and it looked like I would be there for the duration.

The storm kept going through the wee hours of the morning. I clickety clicked around and finally my owner, feeling annoyed, got up to see what was happening. There I was standing in the shower pretending I was safe. My owner took one look and knew what was wrong. There was no place to lie down!
Here I am in my safe place weathering the storm.
She got the bath mat down and put it in the shower. Exhausted, I curled up in a coonie ball (another safety move on my part) and went to sleep.

When dawn came, it was raining but the thunder had stopped. I was so tired I spent most of the morning sleeping in the shower!

Heading for the safety of the master bathroom in my house works for me when I am scared. Here are some other things dogs tell me that work:

1. Wear a thunder shirt. The tight fitting shirt, relaxes dogs and gives them a sense of security. You can buy them on
2. Cuddle up with your owner. Some dogs like to be held by their owners when they are scared.
3. Ask your owner to create a safe place for you to weather the storm. My safe place is the master bath. I am sure there must be a safe place in every house!

Love, Cinnamon

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