Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bench Substitute

Those of you who have been following my blog know that I USED TO HAVE A BENCH. I brought it with me from New Mexico. It was my favorite place to relax in my garden. Just before we moved to the new house, I put a poll on this blog to get input on what color the bench should be painted. Turquoise won.
Here's the bench I brought with me from New Mexico
So I had a like new turquoise bench. I fantasized how I would enjoy it in my new garden. I looked at all the places I might put it... mostly places in the sun.

So when moving day came, my bench wasn't put in the back yard. IT WAS PUT ON THE FRONT PORCH WHERE I COULDN'T GO!

Yes, it brightened up the porch but it was MY BENCH!

I was not happy. My owner knew it and tried to show me how the decks were just as good as a bench. I tried laying on the decks. They were too hard. I tried laying on the grass but it was too wet and dirty.

So my owner FINALLY figured out what to do. She set aside a side deck just for me. Then she put little indoor-outdoor carpets on the small deck. It absorbed the rays of the sun and, because it was under cover, it didn't get wet. YES I NOW HAVE A BENCH SUBSTITUTE. And I have to admit I like it!
Here I am with my bench substitute.
I am relaxing in the sun.


  1. Looks pretty comfy!!! But sad you lost your real bench!!!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon