Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015 Humane Society for Southwest Washington Run and Walk for the Animals (Photos)

Well, it's over... my favorite big walk event. The 2015 Humane Society walk was even more fun than last year. One of the best things was that I saw friends I met last time and they recognized me, Cinnamon. Now I had to get up early to go. But once I got there I perked up and went begging (I call it asking nicely) for treats, got petted and learned about some new dog services and products.

Here's my photo journal of today's exciting event:

I was pre-registered but had to go here to pick up my walker packet.
I didn't get a number because I wasn't running.

Here I am in my official walker scarf.
This year they were turquoise. I like turquoise because I am from New Mexico.

Here's my friends from Battle Ground Barkery
They recognized me from last year. They are from the school program that
makes the dog treats. I went after those great treats and then, later, greeted my friends.

I'm walker Cinnamon and this is what I do!

Here's the guy from Animal Control. Here in the picture I was
telling him that I am licensed but my license was on my other collar.
I wore my Chile Pepper collar to the event so I'd look extra spiffy.
He gave me a special dispensation.

They had a special agility course set up. Dogs were running the course.
I didn't get to go in because I'm not all that good.
However, the Clark Dog Paw dog parks have courses and I
get to do them when I visit the dog parks.

This model was showing how comfortable the dog beds were.

I eyed the purple bed on the bottom but my
owner wouldn't buy one for me.

Look who I saw at the walk event... My dentist!
Here's Dr. Meyers from Forever Pet Dental. She was really happy to see me.
I made sure I kept my mouth closed so she wouldn't look at my teeth, though.
She gave me a Greenie anyway. Yay!

This is the Forever Pet Dental booth.
I found out they have expanded and are going to
offer general vet services soon!

My owner was very interested in Unsinkable Dogs.
Ever since I got my life jacket she's been talking about swimming.
I am still not all that sure about swimming.

They even let kids into the walk event!

Here I am at the start point waiting for the walk to start.
Notice how well behaved I am. I think
I had too many treats from the vendors.

Yep, I had too many treats. I was about to fall asleep waiting for
the walk to start. I looked spiffy in my turquoise scarf, though.

And we were off... walking along the Columbia River
I saw these fishing boats and thought I might like to go salmon fishing!

Here are some of the walkers. There were lots of dogs and people.

In less than an hour the race was over and I was back in the car.
Here I am watching the rest of the walkers go by. I got finished
pretty quickly. I was fast during the first half and
was tired during the second half.

Here I am on the way home.
Tired Cinnamon!
I hope the Humane Society for Southwest Washington made lots of money. It sure was a great event. I am looking forward to 2016!

Here's my photos from 2014.

More Information
Humane Society for SW Washington

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