Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I love the beach... even in a storm!

Today was sort of boring. I had to stay inside a lot. It rained a couple of times and then, just as I was stretching out on the concrete outside to take a sun bath, the leaves started rustling. The wind came up... more than I have ever seen it blow here. It was kind of scary, actually.

So I held my ground in my little spot of sun until some ominous big black clouds shut out all the sun beams. It started raining... hard! I headed inside watching the storm from the back door. All of a sudden the sun came out but then it started raining even harder. What is going on, I wondered.

Eventually I went back outside. There were leaves and small branches everywhere but the storm seemed to have passed.

I really wanted to get out and find a beach to walk on so we did! We headed north to Point No Point Lighthouse because they have a nice beach there.

It rained off and on as we drove. When we got there it wasn't raining but the clouds wouldn't let the sun come out. We went exploring and walked up and down the beach. My ears flapped in the wind. I sniffed all the water smells and had a great time.
Here I am sniffing the salt air. Ahhhhh
The lighthouse was closed to visitors. There were a few fishermen out there in the water. One even caught a pretty good sized fish.
The lighthouse was all closed up by the time we got there.
Well, after a nice walk we turned around to leave. Up on the lighthouse were two crows making loud noises. One of them said, "Look at that dumb dog down there. She doesn't know when to stay home by the warm fireplace." Caw, caw, caw they went. I decided to bay at them. I guess they couldn't hear me though because they just stayed up there cawing at me.
Here are the crows. I really wanted to chase them but they ignored me!
I was hungry for dinner by the time we got back. Remi and Indy were might glad to see us because they were hungry too.

I love the beach!

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