Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ruby at the dog park.... Why me?

I love being alone to explore MY dog park!
You all remember my Country Cousins, right? I told you about Indy, the smiling dog. Indy was always friendly but she had some annoying traits. She was "ball crazy" and would go crazy if the balls were brought out. And, she would steal my ball, given half a chance. But her most annoying trait was that she was always in my face. She just didn't respect my personal space. Imagine!

So I thought I'd get a rest from all that when I FINALLY got home. Sometimes I just like to sniff and explore without someone bugging me!

So here's what happened yesterday. It was a glorious day at the dog park. It was cool and slightly misty. Fall was in the air. There were two little dogs in the small dog section. One of them snarled at me through the fence... But it was only through the fence.

I ambled along sniffing, eating grass and running when I felt like it. I was ALONE! I was free! Life was good for about 20 minutes. I love my dog park in Brush Prairie!

Then the atmosphere changed at the dog park. Clink, went the gates. And in came a pretty, young German  Shepherd. She was full of herself. She really thought she was cool. I could tell by the way she trotted and perked up her ears. (She had big ears).
I love exploring ALONE!

I gritted my teeth and considered going home. The first thing she did was go up to that grumbly little dog at the small dog park fence. All of a sudden, they took off running... up and back along the fence. They both enjoyed this little game so I thought I was safe.

I decided to stay at the dog park and trotted along, sniffing and looking for rabbit holes (no luck). All of a sudden the German shepherd and her owner caught up with us. I greeted her owner who was very nice and petted me. He said his dog was named Ruby and was four years old.

He started to tell me more but up trotted Ruby. I froze. She was big. She froze. We played "whoever moves first gets chased." Well I moved because I was getting bored standing there NOT BECAUSE I WANTED TO BE CHASED. And she started after me. I didn't like that one bit. I snarled at her and told her I was NOT interested in playing with the likes of her.

She backed off a bit and I went on my way.... and she followed! OMG, I just couldn't ditch her. She thought we were friends! I stopped to look at a mole hole and she came over. I snapped at her and SHE LAUGHED!

There will be NO RUBY today!
I went back to bed!
We kept walking along and she kept trying to get me to play. I even went up to her owner, pleading with my big brown hound eyes, for him to TAKE HER HOME! He said she was spoiled by his wife and didn't know how to leave other dogs alone.

 I just wanted to enjoy the park without her big black nose getting into my business. But that wasn't in the cards.

Soon we went home for breakfast. I got to eat it in peace... ALONE!

I went back to bed this morning. I decided to skip the dog park AND SKIP RUBY!

Love, Cinnamon (the only dog)

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