Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dog Friendly Long Beach Washington: Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort

I was pleased when we headed down Hwy 4 toward THE BEACH! Once we got to Hwy 101 I was really excited. I LOVE THE LONG BEACH PENINSULA! There are sand dunes, board walks, the Discovery Trail and miles of BEACH! We were out to explore and to stay at yet another dog-friendly abode.

Oceanfront means right on THE BEACH!
We turned in to the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort. I got even more excited. There was lots of open space, big condos, and even a pool and a tennis court. I thought my friends might like that but I really don't want to go swimming, at least not on this trip. And I don't think chasing balls on the tennis court would be my cup of tea either.

We had an amazing three bedroom condo right on the beach, It was two levels and had a full kitchen! Since there were two people, I GOT MY OWN BEDROOM! I thought having my own room made it well worth the $15 pet charge per night. I never am messy, but I suppose other dogs are.

Here's the full kitchen at the condo. You can see my bowls set out for me.

I quickly found out that there was something very special about this condo. There was a deck overlooking the sand dunes and ocean. I could go out on the deck all by myself and look for Elk in the grassy dunes below. I saw elk when I was hiking in Long Beach last time I was there so I kept my eyes pealed looking for them.
Here I am looking for elk.

Every day we went walking the path through the grassy sand dunes to the beach. I love the beach and like to play "chicken" with the incoming tide. I ALWAYS WIN! One day we went down to the beach and it was pretty windy. My ears flapped in the wind and I got sand on my nose. I had fun anyway!
Here I am bracing against the wind on the beach.
What I liked best about the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort is that the condos were HUGE, I could run up and down the stairs. I also liked that there were hardly any people on the beach there. Most of the time we walked all alone accompanied only by the sea gulls.

At night, before I went to sleep in MY ROOM, I dozed by the gas fireplace in the living room. It was a very cozy feeling. The night there was thunder and lightning, I only got a little scared because there were plenty of places to hide at the condo.
Here's our condo and the trail to the beach.
See the nice 2nd floor deck?

I highly recommend the Lighthouse Oceanfront Resort as VERY DOG FRIENDLY. They do have a pet charge and they do have rules, but that's because it is such a nice clean place. Oh yes, people like it there too. It is relaxing for all of us.

12417 Pacific Way
Long Beach, WA, US 98631
(360) 642-3622

Visiting the Long Beach Peninsula

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