Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Packing for the Olympic Peninsula - Will there be Shapeshifters?

Here's why I'm scared!
I've been keeping some weird hours lately. Yes, Remi and Indy bug me but I've also been studying up on my Twilight lore. You see, I'm headed for the Olympic Peninsula soon. I'm going to visit the rain forest, check out Forks (inspiration for the Twilight stories) and try my best not to get scared!

Some of you will know what Shapeshifters are. Some of you know about the Native Americans who live in the rain forest and who can take on wolf form under stressful circumstances. I read about that in the Twilight Saga. I am hoping to do some hiking in the forest and DON'T WANT TO RUN INTO ANY WOLVES!

Sometimes I think we have Shapeshifters in our woods here. That's why I go bonkers in the middle of the night. I think I hear them. I imagine that I can see their piercing eyes looking at me from the dark woods. I've been training in the pasture, building up my strength. But the truth is, these wolves are bigger than me and MUCH STRONGER. And they have a pack. All I have are Indy and Remi.

So I have my reservations about heading out to the Olympic Peninsula. Maybe these things happen only at night. I'll have to ask when I get to Forks, Washington! Meanwhile I'm packing... and worrying.

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  1. Momma says if ya runs into Taylor Lautner, ya can send him her way.


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