Saturday, September 13, 2014

The New Vet

Well, it was time for my bordetella booster and I needed some flea and tick prevention medicine so that meant a trip to the vet clinic. Usually I go to one close to home. It's a nice enough clinic, but it is always crowded and I have to wait a long time. And, its confusing. I never know which vet I will see or if I will even see the vet. So I decided I wanted to try a new veterinarian, someone like my nice vet in Santa Fe.

On recommendation from my friend Monica (I don't know what she knows, though, as she has cats, not dogs), we decided to try Dr. Kepner at Riverview Animal Hospital. I walked in, like I usually do, and looked up at the counter. NO TREAT JAR! I almost turned around and walked out!
This is the Riverview logo. I like the idea of fishing!

But I asked very nicely and the ladies at the desk went and got me some treats. YAY! It was quieter at this clinic and soon we were taken to an exam room. I knew there were other dogs there. I could see them through the glass.

We waited there for awhile (they didn't have any dog magazines for me to read) and then Dr. Kepner walked in. He petted me and asked all about me. Then he LIFTED ME AND PUT ME ON THE TABLE!  Wow, I think he was strong. He gave me a VERY thorough exam which I put up with only because I wanted my flea and tick medicine. He looked at my teeth (every tooth I think), looked in my ears and at my eyes. He said I had some signs of aging in my eyes. (I didn't like hearing that!)

And he checked my kidneys and everything else he could find. I put my tail between my legs and gritted my teeth.

He said I was getting older but wasn't really OLD!. He recommended something for my joints, something called Cosequin® to help prevent problems. I always thought that was for OLD dogs and I don't think I am OLD at all even though I was very quiet at the vet's office.

So I got the flea and tick prevention stuff taken care of, got my bordetella booster and will get some of that joint supplement. And, I won't have to go back to the vet's for six more months!

I think I like the new vet clinic. Dr. Kepner was really good at explaining everything and examining me but I DON'T LIKE BEING PICKED UP!

And, I highly recommend the nice ladies at the front desk get a big treat jar so I can see it when I walk in!

Love, Cinnamon the healthy dog

PS: Here's their website. It is isn't easy to find via Google!


  1. I know the problem! the jar isn't see though. it's there but it's silver and you can't see the treats inside. I'll tell dr. kepner of get a giant clear one!

    love you cinnamon (and frankie)!
    <3 Alisha

  2. Cinnamon and francesca suggest a see through jar with an easy to Remove top!!!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon