Monday, September 22, 2014

House Hunting Cinnamon Style - And Rose Cottage is the Winner!

The last time I blogged, we were house-hunting ala HGTV. There was House #1, House #2 and House #3. It turns out none of those would work out.

So what did we do? We looked at HOUSE NUMBER 4! And, #4 is the big winner.
Here it is.... Rose Cottage!

It is right down the street from Ross Dog Park. I love Ross (well, next to the Brush Prairie park with the Mt. Hood view). Yesterday we went to Ross Dog Park and it was like old home week. I ran in, ran up the hill and greeted each and every dog and owner.
Here's me running at Ross Dog Park (I am the one in front, of course!)

I noticed something about Ross Dog Park. There were new gates and new bark chips on the paths. It was really spiffed up. I hadn't been there for awhile so there was lots of sniffing to do. But know what? My squirrel trees were still there. I've missed them.

I had a great time and didn't want to come home. But finally I gave in and what did we do? We drove by MY NEW HOUSE. If everything works out ok, I'll be moving in to House #4 which we call Rose Cottage.

Let me tell you the pros and cons of House #4.

It is right down the street from Ross Dog Park.
It is right up the street from the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail
There are big trees across the street
There is plenty of room in the kitchen cabinets for treats.
There is a big covered porch and deck for me to relax on.

I don't get my own room. I'll still share the office
The yard is small.

I'm kinda excited because I might get to go to the dog park more often. There isn't anyone on my street now that I will miss. All we have are pesky cats and coyotes!

So that's the end of house-hunting (we hope!)

Love, Cinnamon


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