Saturday, September 20, 2014

Who Gives Out Treats in Vancouver: Dick Hannah Honda

On my way to the car appointment
Some day I am going to write an article about all the places that give out treats. But today, I was really surprised. We went to Dick Hannah Honda here in Vancouver, WA for a service appointment for my car.

We drove up and immediately a young woman came out to greet us. Of course she noticed me and said how cute I am. But then she said. "We have treats!" Right then and there my ears perked up. I was so surprised. TREATS AT AN AUTO PLACE? Now this is really good!

So she went in and got me a little square treat. I gobbled it down excitedly. And then another woman came up to see me. She petted me but didn't give me another treat. Drat!

And then the service adviser came up. He was all business and didn't give me a treat or a pat.

So I am making a mental note to add Dick Hannah Honda to my list of "places that give out treats." We walked home after we dropped the car off so all in all it was a very good morning!

Thank you Dick Hannah Honda. You really are all about "nice!"


  1. Dat's cool!! Sumtimes da bank gives out pup treats... and da Walgreen's drug store...and of course, da vetman....


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