Monday, September 29, 2014

House Hunting Cinnamon Style: I Give Up!

You all know we've been looking high and low for the right house at the right price. We've looked downtown and we've looked out in the suburbs. I can't figure out why we don't have a new house yet. Some of them have met my criteria.

All I want is:
  • Proximity to squirrel trees
  • Deck or patio to relax on
  • Yard to play in
  • Room for my cushy big bed
  • A few assorted sunbeams to lie in 
So why don't we have a new house? Here's one she saw yesterday. Looks great from my perspective!
Here's a yard with sun and shade. It even had 2 decks!
The worst part of this is that the house-hunting takes time away from going to the dog park! Grrrrr.

Love, Neglected Cinnamon

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