Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wednesday Walking: Overcast and Misty is the Best Weather for Walking

I love to explore and my Wednesday Walking 5K group is the best way to do that. We meet at a different place each Wednesday for a 5K or 10K walk. I choose the 5K group because they walk a little slower and I have a chance, sometimes, to sniff around. Besides, there are other dogs who walk with us.
Here we are milling about the registration area

Yesterday we met at Starbucks to sign in and meet Joe, our leader. There were many walkers there. I saw my friend Dick who always pets me. I didn't get a latte or a scone and I didn't go inside. We got there early so we stood around a long time. It was kind of foggy so I was getting chilly.
At this point I was starting to get chilly.

I passed the time by trying to greet everyone and looking for dogs. I spied this cute Pomeranian with a modern haircut. She wasn't on our walk but was fun to look at, anyway.
Almost too cute to be a dog!

Just when I was beginning to shiver, we started out on the walk. It went through a pretty neighborhood and into a park. I did really good on the walk. It was a good walk except I didn't see any squirrels or cats. Well, I suppose I wouldn't have been allowed to chase them, anyway!

Here's my running log of volkswalking events.

5K Whipple Creek Year Round Walk Vancouver USA Club - Website
5K Washougal - Gibbons Creek Wildlife Art Trail at Steigerwald Lake NWR  - All Weather Walkers
6K Vancouver - Tenny Creek Walk - All Weather Walkers
5K  Portland SE - Reed College-Crystal Springs Garden - Rose City Roamers
5K  Camas Three Lakes Walk
5K  Amity Oregon Daffodil Walk
5K  Vancouver Princess Ilchee Walk
10K Historic Vancouver, Land Bridge and City
5K  New Years Day Walk in Vancouver - Vancouver Volkssporters - Website
10K Vancouver Land Bridge Walk - Vancouver, WA - Vancouver Volkssporters - Website
10K Columbia River Walk - Columbia River Volkssport Club -Website
10K Sherwood - Soup Walk - Sherwood Merrywalkers - Website
10K WSU - Vancouver Cougar Views Walk - All Weather Walkers - Website
10K Halloween Walk in Yachats - Yachats Coastal Gems - Website

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