Monday, June 23, 2014

Competing for food in the dog pack

I'm still up at the Country Cousins house where I am sharing the lair with the two old dogs and a pushy little dog who is visiting (I hope.) This is getting old. While I still have my own bed, I've found that most everything else is shared.
Here I am like a common dog having to beg for my share of treats!

And when you have to share that means there is competition. I am afraid we will run out of food. I brought a whole bag of food with me but now with four dogs in the house, the pickings could get slim.

I've had to work out in the forest and put up with the THREE other dogs. That is tough because I am used to being an only dog with all the food, love and attention for myself. Here, everything is divided by FOUR!

Yes, we get treats, but I'll bet I'd get more if the other dogs weren't there! I MISS MY HOME!

Love, Homesick Cinnamon

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  1. Sharin stinks. Luckily, da only pup I's gotta share wif are Finley.


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