Monday, June 9, 2014

What to Expect: A Dog's Dental Cleaning

This is the dentist.
She looks nice, right?

This week I have an appointment for a dental cleaning. Since I am adopted and lived a rather rough life before that, I have never had a dental cleaning. And, I am about six years old now. 

The American Animal Hospital Association recommends dental cleanings annually after 1 year of age for cats and small dogs, or 2 years of age for large dogs.  

So I don't quite know what to expect. I've been looking at Internet articles and found a good summary on So far, I think my experience will be similar, but I'll let you know. 

Tomorrow I am have some blood tests. I've had that before and it goes quickly so I'm not worried. It is good to have blood tests before a dental cleaning because I want to know that it is safe for me to have anesthesia (I certainly wouldn't want to be awake while someone scrapes at my teeth... especially the back ones!) The worst part about the blood test is that my appointment is for 9 a.m. and you know what that means. I'll have to get up early and I don't like that! 

So once I have that appointment, my next appointment will be on Thursday for the cleaning. I'm going to Forever Pet Dental. Why did I choose them? Well dental work is all that Dr. Jacqueline Myers does! So I won't be having dental work done by a general veterinarian, one who does everything else in addition to teeth cleaning. I'll have an expert do my cleaning. 

The other reason is that Forever Pet Dental offers a complete package for $169. Other places may add on more to their basic fee, depending on what happens once they start the procedure. This fee includes everything they need to do. Of course if I need braces or a gold tooth or something, that will be extra! But I think my teeth are straight enough! 

I'll be meeting the people at Forever Pet Dental for the first time tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think. So far the only thing I don't like is that they also see cats there. Ugh! 

Love, Cinnamon


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