Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What to Expect: Pet Dental Cleaning Lab Work

Well, today, like I told you, I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get to somewhere important. And it turned out that it was to the dentist's office for some lab work. My appointment was for 9 a.m., too early for me.

But I managed because I was curious about where we were going. It wasn't the dog park, it wasn't the grocery store and it wasn't my regular vet's office.

The office is to the left. I think it is disguised as a regular house!
We drove through a lovely tree-lined neighborhood with pretty homes and gardens. I was thinking, perhaps, that I was going to a party at a friends' house. But nooooo.... it was actually my dentist's office disguised as a home.

I got out of the car and was welcomed at the door by Dr. Jacqueline Myers herself. She had her hair pulled back and looked like she was all ready for work. So I wagged my tail and went in (I was still hoping for a party).

What a trick! Inside was a veterinary dental office with everything needed to do dental work. On one wall were some heavy duty cages, kind of like circus animal cages. In one of them a Chihuahua peered out at me. Dr. Myers and her assistant told me how pretty I was and then said it was time to draw blood. I knew that wouldn't be fun.

So Dr. Myers held me tight while I made scaredy faces with my eyes. Her assistant drew blood from MY NECK with a HUGE NEEDLE! (Well, it looked huge to me). Soon it was over and they had a good sample of my dark red blood to send to the lab. And I felt much better.

I thought I might feel woozy afterwards but I didn't at all! I was more than ready when they brought out the chewy treat! TREATS! I had my treat and then was weighed. I weigh 54 pounds. I think that's OK.

So then it was time to leave. They said they'd call with the blood test results and that, if everything went as expected, I would be getting my teeth cleaned on Thursday.

I hear they'll just sedate me and put me fully to sleep with gas for the whole thing so I'm not too worried. They are nice at Forever Pet Dental.

You know, even though there was a needle involved, I do recommend you get the blood work done before a cleaning. That way the professionals know if you have something they need to be concerned about such as liver or kidney problems, for example.

I hope that little Chihuahua ended up with sparkling white teeth!

Love, Cinnamon

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