Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer weather has arrived and I'm staying in the shade

Here I am waiting for the volkswalk to begin.
(notice the Golden Arches in the background?)
Today I went on one of my Wednesday volksmarches. It started out just fine. We registered with Dick at McDonalds. It was overcast and cool. I looked longingly at the Golden Arches in hopes there would be a trip through the drive-through for me. But no.... it was planned that we wait outside in front for all the walkers to gather.

I passed the time by greeting walkers and leaning up against my owner to get even more pats. I suppose I am feeling a bit nervous about my dental appointment tomorrow so I needed reassurance. Once 10 a.m. arrived it was actually getting warm. Walkers shed their jackets. Now, I have no choice. I wear my dark fur wherever I go.

We were off through the Airport Way area. Our leader, Joe, had promised us some woods... soon! We walked some pretty warm sidewalks and then, finally... THE WOODS! I enjoyed that part because it was shady. If I had been given time, I would have sniffed around. Then we were out of the woods and got to walk along the Columbia Slough for awhile. Some of the banks are being allowed to go back to their natural state. I hope that happens. The Slough would be a great place for birds, fish and wildlife.
Here's the Columbia Slough. It is starting to look nice.

So next we walked back on the sidewalks again. I thought I might protest a bit and found a shady grassy area to lie down in. That's right, I just laid down right in the middle of the walk! (Well, I learned after that we were a block away from the finish point!).

I cooled off and then trotted back to the car. That was my BIG PROTEST. Summer weather is here... NO WEDNESDAY WALKS FOR ME! See you in the Fall volkssporter friends!

Love, Cinnamon

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  1. I gotta get my walks in in da early mornin in da summer - it are too hot to walk later.


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