Saturday, June 28, 2014

OK, So What Happens If I Want to go Home?

Can I find a hole in the fence?
I always thought it was exciting to go visit the Country Cousins. They have a pasture to run in, two old dogs that can be amusing at times and lots of treats.

But this is the second week I have been here. I am feeling a bit trapped. When I'm in the mood to go to one of my dog parks, I can't go. When I want to romp up and down my stairs, I can't do it. No one drives me anywhere. I miss my cushy bed.

So lately I've been looking for holes in the fence. I think I want to TRY AND GO HOME. Maybe I'll find a way out. Now, I don't know how I'd get home but I dream of trying. Maybe home is just around the corner. I am not sure.

When can I go home?

Love, Cinnamon in Poulsbo

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