Saturday, June 7, 2014

Champoeg State Park: An Oregon Dog Friendly Park

Today I got up early (again!) and we drove to Champoeg State Park south of Portland. It's a beautiful big park on the Willamette River. There is pioneer history, bird-watching, walking and biking and lots of wildlife for me to track. The best part about Champoeg State Park is that it is DOG FRIENDLY!

Here I am on the trail at Champoeg State Park
Today was State Parks Day so we got in FREE! Ordinarily it would have cost us $5.00. They were having some free fishing down by the river too! What a great day to visit.

Dogs can walk most anywhere people can if they are on a leash and you are tidy. There are strategically placed clean up bags on main trails. If you want to camp, you can even stay in one of six yurts (one pet friendly) and one of the six cabins (one pet friendly). 

I enjoyed views of the river from the trail.
But I just went for the day and here's what I did. I signed up for the Volksmarch along marked trails. It was billed as a walk on natural and paved park trails through early Oregon history where in 1843, the pioneers voted to be part of the growing western movement of the United States instead of Canada. Imagine, I could have been living in Canada rather than the U.S. if that vote had been different. Imagine!

So the Mossbacks Walking Club was all set up and there to greet me at 9 a.m. They were really nice to me! I was embarrassed when my owner spent time explaining that we needed a short, shady route because I can't handle the heat. Well, that is true, but she didn't have to tell EVERYONE!

I visited with Martha awhile and then we were on our way following the yellow and pink ribbons. The walk was partially on paved pathways. Since it was early there weren't too many bicycles out there on the trail so I could walk from side to side sniffing things and enjoying the tall grass. Eventually we got to some woods. That was fun. I just knew there were squirrels in those big trees.
Here I am on the boat dock wishing I could go fishing.
Since I was getting hot, we went down the boat ramp onto the dock and enjoyed the river for awhile. One of the people there said some eagles had just flown by. Drat! I missed them!

I met a girl who really liked me!
We walked on enjoying some historical markers all about the Pioneers. At the monument, a nice girl asked to pet and play with me. And we had some fun before it was time to walk through the woods some more. We enjoyed the views of the Willamette River and finished the walk. Some of my friends were at the finish point so I did a bit of socializing before things deteriorated.

I was kinda hungry. When Dar took a Red Vine candy out of a container I just knew it was dog treats for me and bugged and bugged her about it. I really made a fool of myself too. She felt so bad she went to her car and got a dog biscuit for me. Thanks Dar!

After that I nearly jerked my owner's arm out of the socket when I saw another dog getting some food. FOOD! I was nearly starving. I guess, in retrospect, that wasn't very good behavior.

Finally, when we got back to the car, I did get some food and water in the car. But I could tell my owner was not pleased.

I AM SORRY EVERYONE! I'll be better behaved on the next walk. I promise.

Love, Cinnamon the walking hound

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