Friday, April 18, 2014

Puppy Play Day at the Dog Park

Here I am romping at my favorite dog park.
I went to my favorite dog park, the one in Brush Prairie. The dandelions had grown more bright yellow flowers after the recent mowing and the day was ripe for sniffing and eating grass. When I arrived I saw quite a few dogs near the entrance. Some of them were playing. But I planned to ignore them and do my introvert thing... sniffing and eating grass.

I did pretty well but a chocolate lab puppy and a young black dog were determined to get me to play. I ignored them for the most part until we got to... THE PUPPY PLAYGROUND!

The Clark DogPaw people call it an Agility Course, but I've always thought it was a playground. Mostly I jump up on the triangle shaped platform and survey the land. But something was different today. The puppies I met were having a great time at the playground.

As I rounded the corner I decided to join them. And everyone encouraged me, Cinnamon, to re-live my puppy-hood. I started by showing them how to go into the plastic pipe and come out the other end. We ran in and out, the three of us playing hide and seek. Then my owner invited me to "jump up" on that platform and I did. The puppies hid underneath thinking I couldn't see them.

I had so much fun, I forgot I was a middle-aged dog. I started running through the other plastic pipe and up the platform and romped with the puppies.

Everyone was impressed with how agile I was (and I still say this is NOT an Agility Course). I had a great time even though I was getting tired.

I stopped sniffing and eating grass and started running and romping. Those puppies were a great influence on me. I hope I see them again.


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