Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest: Dog Friendly Fun in the Oregon Fields

I had a bath this morning. It appears the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest in Woodburn Oregon is something worth looking good for.And it is my kind of festival because they allow DOGS!

We drove about an hour (longer than I would have wished) and pulled right into a parking spot as we arrived at the Wooden Shoe Bulb Farm. I could already see the bright rows of tulips in the distance. Reds, yellows and pinks. I was getting excited.

I jumped out (with my leash on, of course) and we stopped by the display garden to sniff around and take some pictures. There were blooming rhodys there. As we got to where I thought the tulip fields were, I was in for a big surprise. THEY MOVED THEM! Instead of tulips, there were grasses, dark green grass.
Here's where they moved the tulips to. I thought they were tricking me but
it's just crop rotation!
But soon we were off on a nice walk down a comfortable path to where the tulips were. I posed for my picture in front of the official festival sign and said hello to some people who LOVE HOUNDS!
Here I am in front of the official sign. I was posing and sniffing the flowers

We started walking down the rows of tulips taking pictures. I found some to sniff and then got kind of annoyed. You see, there were flies bothering me. I realized we were out in the middle of farm land and it was beginning to feel like it. Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Here I am walking down the rows of tulips.
We only got off the main path because it was muddy and I don't like to get my paws dirty.
The sun was beating down on my dark fur and I started to get hot. Where was the refreshment stand when you needed it? It surely wasn't out there in the fields. I finally lapped up some muddy irrigation water becasue I was getting really hot.
Here I am getting my picture taken on a bench.
I might use this for my Easter cards. What do you think?

We stopped by the steam tractors and then it was time to head back. But OH NO! There were more flower photos to be had. Just about then I was dreaming of eating a sausage from the Mt. Angel Sausage Company at the food court. I could smell them, you know!

We walked back down the long path toward the refreshments. But NOOOO, we didn't stop for a snack. And those sausages smelled really good. We were back to the parking lot. I got some clean water but NO TREATS.

All I came back with were some photos I can use for my Easter cards. It was a good day, I met some nice people and had fun in the fields until I GOT TOO HOT!

I think I'd like to go back on a cooler day, or maybe earlier in the morning. I really do like the Wooden Shoe Bulb Farm and appreciate that they let dogs like me into their festival. The festival runs through May 4th, 2014. This is my second year and I like going. Next year I want a sausage, though!

I think I'll cool off and take a nap now.

Love, Cinnamon

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Photography copyright: Elizabeth Rose Photography


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