Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Glorious Day at Lucky Dog Park

I think I am one lucky dog to get to romp at Lucky Dog Park!
It always seems that when my owner can't sleep well, I end up getting up early too! Well, today I found myself at the dog park at 9 a.m. 9 AM! That's when I usually start waking up. Here I was headed through the gates with sleep still in my eyes.

Outstanding in my field!
But I soon found out the beauty of early awakening. The dog park looked like a blanket of white flowers as far as I could see. And just a few days ago Brush Prairie "Lucky" Dog Park looked like fields of yellow flowers. I ran in and started sniffing. I found out it was just dandelions that had gone to seed. Pretty, though.

I was greeted by a very loud small dog playing in the small dog area. It seems that the little ones are the yappiest. This one came up to the fence and started barking at me like he owned the place. Well, perhaps the small dog area... but not MY DOG PARK!

It turned out to be a beautiful morning. The billowing white clouds rose into the sky broken only by patches of blue sky and SUNSHINE! Remember, this is the park where I got rained on this week!

This is my favorite park. If you ignore the fence, the rolling pasturelands go FOREVER! There are really good smells there because there are wild things that hang out in the area at night. I think I recognized the smell of rabbits, squirrels and deer. 
You can tell I'm running because my ears are flapping!
I smelled everything, ate some grass and visited with some of the Saturday morning dogs. They told me that they got woken up way too early too. And when I saw a big puppy, I ran across the dandelions to greet him. He was big, cute and clumsy.

Showing a little attitude when it's time to leave.
And after it was all over, and my owner was calling me to go home, I just stood there like I couldn't hear her. Maybe it was the wind in my ears. Maybe it was the beauty of the morning. But I just couldn't hear her say, "Cinnamon, time to go home... COME!" No, I didn't hear ANYTHING like that.

If you want to go to Lucky Dog Park in Brush Prairie here's the address:

Brush Prairie "Lucky" Dog Park
NE 149th St at NE 101st Pl, Brush Prairie, WA 98606

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