Sunday, April 6, 2014

Burnt Bridge Creek: A secret park and new friends

It was one of those rainy days. I didn't think I'd get out. But the clouds stopped gracing us with liquid sunshine for a little while and we headed out for a walk.

Here I am at the BIG PARK
We turned down Burton Road and I thought we'd cross and go over to the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail. But there was too much traffic to do that so we stayed on the north side and explored some of the neighborhoods. We went to the end of NE 93rd Avenue. It was then that we discovered a huge grassy park and, much to my delight, a place to wade in the creek!

I recognized it as part of Burnt Bridge Creek, the 13 mile creek that runs from about Orchards to Vancouver Lake and out to the mighty Columbia River. Sometimes, like after a rain, the creek is flowing hard and it was today. I'd never heard of this park with the huge open grassy field.

It's not on the map so maybe it's a secret park! Anyway, we had a great time walking in the grass and enjoying the creek. When I was first wading I heard a frog jump into the water. I quickly pounced where I heard the frog, but all that happened was that I GOT SPLASHED!

Here's where I fell in!
Then, since the sun was coming out, I really got into the creek and the wildlife there. I started walking into the weeds on the creek bank and THEN... FELL IN! It was deeper than I thought it was. I got my harness wet and it scared me just a little bit.
It was shallower here and I could walk across the creek.

I shook the water off and we nosed around the creek for awhile and then continued on into the neighborhood. Some girls saw me and yelled out "Your dog is so cute!" Well, that was my cue to wag my tail and pull to go visit them... and I did. After that we encountered a nice older lady who petted me and told us a story about her Jack Russell Terrier.

So I had a pretty good walk and made some discoveries, too. Until I find out the name of the park, I think it should be called "Cinnamon Park!"
Maybe someday they will name this CINNAMON PARK!
Notice the sign says "Your Park."

I love exploring nature!

Love, Cinnamon on Sunday


  1. I fink Cinnamon Park has a nice ring to it.

  2. Oh Dudette---so sorry you fell in. (I forget if you're a male or a female).


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon