Friday, April 25, 2014

Cinnamon Checks Out the Lake in Woodland, Washington

It was one of those on again off again rain days. I got to go in the car and we drove north... longer than I thought we would. Turns out we were going to the Hulda Klager Lilac Farm and Woodland Washington's Lilac Days.
Here's one of my owner's photos. Notice there are NO DOGS allowed there.
It's not so bad because it was dripping with rain in there anyway!

It also turned out that NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED at Hulda Klager. So I sat in the car while my owner took lilac pictures and enjoyed herself. Turned out also that IT RAINED! So I was glad to be in the car.

Afterwards it was time for some fun FOR ME! We went down the road to the Horseshoe Lake Park. I've been there before but not when the water was so high!
Here I am checking out the geese in the lake and wondering what would happen if it flooded.
It is a  6.5 acre park located on the north bank of Horseshoe Lake. Horseshoe Lake Park is the largest developed city park in Woodland. It is used for community events such as Planter's Days, Farmer's Market, and the annual Fish Derby and Easter Egg Hunt, hosted by the Moose Lodge. But there wasn't much going on when I was there. Some people were fishing and a lucky dog was playing catch in the water and swimming. 

Here's that dog swimming in Horseshoe Lake. Bet it was cold!
Horseshoe Lake is a "no wake" lake and is open for swimming (no lifeguard on duty), fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. I want to go back and do some boating on the lake and maybe some fishing!

We just walked around, I sniffed and waded a bit in the water. I noticed some orange barricades and wondered if it was because the water was so high AND MIGHT GET EVEN HIGHER?
Here's the orange barricades. Think it will flood?
Well, by the time it rained again it was also time to leave so I didn't get to see if it was going to flood there or not!

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