Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Part II: Hunting on the Long Beach Peninsula... The Oyster Issue

Here's David out shucking an oyster.
He didn't give ANY TO ME!
I just remembered that I promised a part II to my story about hunting on the Long Beach Peninsula. Part I was the razor clam hunt where I nearly drowned. So once I dried off, I hopped in the car and we drove off the sand and back onto the paved road.

We were headed to the bay side of the peninsula where the oysters were hiding. I heard there was mud, but no waves, so I was up for the hunt.

We got to the Nahcotta Tidelands and looked around. The guys got their oyster hunting gear out of the truck. I was about ready to jump out of the car when it was decided (without input from me) that I was not welcome on the hunt. It was said that I might cut my paws on the oyster shells. Needless to say, I was devastated.

I sat in the car and watched them walk out, onto the mud flats and start the hunt. They guys were actually eating raw oysters. I was hoping they would bring one back to ME!

They were out there about 20 minutes and my owner, probably feeling guilty, turned around and walked through the mud and the grass to the car. She didn't bring me ANY OYSTERS. But she did get me out of the car so I could take a little walk and look at the interpretive signs.
Here's the interpretive signs at Nahcotta. At least I got to
get out of the car and read them. But that's it!

I guess I was lucky I didn't get my paws all muddy, anyway. It might have led to a BATH!

So that's the end of my tales of my trip to THE BEACH. I learn something new each time I go. But always I get to have at least one walk on the beach to sniff around and look for crab shells and the like.

Love, Sea Dog Cinnamon

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