Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Do Sea Lions Eat Dogs?

I, Cinnamon, have an opinion on this. I'm afraid of Sea Lions. When I was in Lincoln City on Siletz Bay, the seals in the water were eying me and following me as I walked the beach. I think they thought I was a threat. They might not want to eat me but I do believe they'd jump out of the water and fight me, especially if I had a fish near me!

I don't recommend that dogs swim in an area where seals and sea lions are active. Why take a chance?

Recently, I was headed to the Long Beach Peninsula. We stopped at a place called Skamokawa Vista Park. We walked along the Mighty Columbia River (my favorite river) and all of a sudden a whole bunch of huge sea lions appeared in the mist. They were swimming up river. I think they had their eye on some of the salmon and didn't notice me.

But I noticed them and backed away to play on some logs. I recommend keeping a distance from these pinnipeds (I just learned that term)! Here's an article that tells more about dogs and sea lions.

Not everything on the beach is safe for us dogs. It's a wonderful place if we are careful.

Love, Cinnamon

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