Monday, December 8, 2014

I get into MORE Mischief!

Here's the squirrel toy. Looks real, doesn't it?
Today my owner had to do errands that took up THE WHOLE CAR! So I wasn't invited to ride along.

Instead, since we cleaned up the garage, I was ushered to the garage to stay while she was gone. It wasn't too bad. My bed was there, freshly draped in a blanket. My crate was there and a ball to play with (A MEASLY BALL!). I didn't get too upset because I had a plan.

Once she drove away, I checked out the bags and boxes that were left in the garage after our move. I was on the hunt for something good. No food was found.

But in the back, near the Christmas decorations I found a VERY INTERESTING BAG! Inside the bag was something very clearly meant for ME! Now, I can tell the difference between dog toys and other things. I'm very smart that way. And in this bag were TWO DOG TOYS!

I got so excited! I pulled out the squirrel looking toy and chewed on that for awhile. It squeaked. Then I went back to the bag and pulled out a large floppy toy. I shook it. I chewed on it. Boy was that fun. TWO NEW TOYS!  Life was good, even if I was locked in the garage.
Here I am with my new toy.
Notice I am keeping an eye on the squirrels outside while I play with it!

When my owner got home she took one look at the toys and let me in the house to play with them. Then she told me. THOSE WERE MY CHRISTMAS TOYS! I found a bag with my gifts. They weren't wrapped yet.

Now I feel bad. I wonder if this means I won't get anything for Christmas!

Love, Cinnamon with two new toys

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  1. I bet you'll get some Christmas presents too - all ya did wuz earn yourself extra toys! Way to go!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon