Sunday, December 21, 2014

Moving trade-offs: New Park

Well today I explored the park across the street. My new neighborhood is like a park... full of trees. But in the actual public park there are lots of trees and a few smells to sniff. It isn't as big as the Burnt Bridge Creek Parkway which was the closest park to my old house. And it lacks ponds, rabbits, frogs and the like. I miss the creek, dipping my paws in the soothing water on a hot day and the expectation of finding a rabbit on the path.

Here I am in the park hoping to spy a few squirrels
Such is moving. I love my new house with the BIG BACKYARD but I had to give up the best park ever. So I have a little park to explore. It's one of those suburban city parks.
Here's the park and the SHORT trail.
What I found out today was that there were NO SQUIRRELS IN THE PARK! I figured out why. There are many squirrels in my yard just across the street. The lady who lives behind us feeds peanuts to the squirrels. So why live in a park? They just live close to their food source.
Here's a pile of branches from the last storm. It's worth a sniff or two.
Well, that's ok but know what they do with the peanuts? They litter my yard with the shells. And they bury some in my yard digging little holes. Of course when I find the whole peanuts, I dig them back up and EAT THEM!

So the park is different (that's a nice way of putting it). There are quite a few trees. There is a playground for small humans and a bench or two.
Here's the playground for small humans.
I love my new house and my yard but am only slowly adjusting to the teeny park in my neighborhood.

Thats all for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Love, Cinnamon

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