Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cinnamon's Christmas Eve

I'm writing because I'm tired of chewing on my Nylabone and not much is happening around here right now.
Here I am having a lazy Christmas Eve chewing my favorite Nylabone.

Earlier today I got to go to Home Depot to visit with some of my friends. The lady at the "returned items" counter HAD TREATS IN HER APRON! Jackpot!

I got to see Sue and another employee who LOVES ME AND PETS ME! So that was pretty much the highlight of my Christmas Eve.

Now that I am converting to Catholicism (bet you didn't know that!) I have been looking for a Christmas Eve Mass that allows animals in the church. So far no luck on that. I am sure that Pope Francis would not be pleased.

Oh you are wondering why I want to become Catholic? Haven't you heard that Pope Francis hinted that animals and people both go to the same afterlife? He said: “The holy scripture teaches us that the fullfilment of this wonderful design also affects everything around us.” Hey, I'm around people and I like people. That's why I want to believe that I can be in heaven with people... when the time comes.

But on to more Christmas Eve musings. I noticed something new on the hearth. Along with the Christmas decorations and animal carvings from my home state of New Mexico there is now A BIG RED PRESENT. I am wondering if it is for me. What do you think?
This is what I saw on the hearth. What do you think it is?
Is it for me? I sure hope so!
Love, Cinnamon

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