Friday, December 5, 2014

Cinnamon breaks the silence - Moving and Doing Errands

Well, I finally got permission to use the Internet. My owner doesn't have cable yet but she's using a Verizon signal to get some Internet. She said if I didn't use too much data, I could write and blog. YAY!

I hate not sharing the ups and downs of my life. So now I can tell you what's really been going on and let you know that I am ok, really!

So as most of you know we moved. It was a gradual torturous transition. I got to play in the yard at the new house about an hour a day... that's all. All she did was pack and unpack and talk to Mike the painter.  Finally we said good-bye to Mike and it was MOVING DAY. Moving Day was the most boring day I have experienced to date. 

Here's the truck in front of our old house. They did a great job!
At 8:15 a.m., a BIG truck pulled up in front of our town house. It was BIG Al's moving service. Out of the truck came three guys. And two of them were REALLY BIG. You see, the company is owned by a Samoan family and these Samoan men were REALLY BIG. They could lift anything.  I have to say that the average sized guy was strong too! They were very careful and even asked that we wrap my dog bed in plastic.

I got put in the car while they loaded up our furniture, including my crate and cushy bed. I didn't get to help. I didn't get to say hi to them or ANYTHING. I just stayed in the car and slept. I was so bored.

Within a couple of hours, the BIG AL van was loaded with all of our furniture. We headed over to the new house. I thought I'd get to romp in the yard for the rest of the afternoon. BUT NOOOO!

I got only one break and then it was back in the car while they unloaded our furniture. Since they were SO BIG it didn't take them much time at all. I got to play in my yard a bit before we went back to the old house to clean. Boring!

So what's life like in the new house? Well, we started doing something instead of going to the dog park. It's called "doing errands."  I guess there is lots to do in getting a new home fixed up. We go to Home Depot (where I get to walk around and see my friends in the orange aprons). We go to Pier 1 imports and I have to stay in the car. We go to the glass company, and I have to stay in the car. Mostly we just ride around and I HAVE TO STAY IN THE CAR.

Here's my friend at Home Depot. We do lot's of errands there.
I'd much rather be in a routine where we go for walks, shop at Petco, and go to the dog park. WILL IT EVER HAPPEN? I guess not as long as there are things to do for the house. WHEN WILL IT EVER END?

Here I am enjoying a sunbeam in my new home. This is a rare opportunity because
See the artwork on the floor? It isn't hung yet because we have to
DO AN ERRAND to get picture hooks. Jeesh!
As always, sympathy is welcome!

Love, Cinnamon


  1. I been through dat movin stuff. It stinks.

  2. Hope y'all gets settled in 'fore Chrissymus.... looks like ya gots a primo sunspot dere. Here a cat would be hoggin' it.


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