Sunday, December 14, 2014

I just realized.... OMD!

There is a photo of me circulating on the Internet. In this photo, in what I was told was a simple Christmas photo, there is a picture of me, Cinnamon on MY BENCH,
Here's where my bench is now. On the front porch
with a Christmas pillow on it.
Now I hadn't seen MY BENCH since we moved. Usually the bench is in our backyard so that I can lounge on it when it is sunny or relax in the shade on it when it is hot. It is MY PLACE. I like having the bench. I can sit up high and get off the ground to relax.

So imagine my surprise when I found out where MY BENCH was! It is ON THE FRONT PORCH! I had the privilege of sitting on it for my Christmas photo. Do you remember when we had the survey to see what color MY BENCH should be painted? Well, turquoise won out and my bench was a brilliant turquoise.

I AM REALLY UPSET. MY BENCH is located where I can't even use it. I am not allowed in front by myself. The bench is under cover, presumably because it is old and needs to be protected from the elements. Well, that's what my owner says.

She is refusing to put MY BENCH back in the backyard where it should be. So now MY BENCH is a "pop of color" on an otherwise dark front porch.
Here I am relaxing on my bench before it was painted.
Well, I thought you'd all like to know.

Love, Benchless Cinnamon


  1. Good Grief, that is not acceptable, Cinnamon! Perhaps a little civil disobedience will bring your issue to the Twitterverse and we can vote on it! Works for other people's problems....

    1. Cinnamon is @cinnamonhound She'd love to hear from you on twitter and, of course, enjoys complaining there too!

  2. Like I said the other day, Cinnamon, your owner needs a stocking full of coal!! You'd better notify Santa dog!

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Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon