Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How I Celebrated National Dog Day

This turned out to be a pretty good day after all. I was really worried when my owner left us and took off for the Suquamish Museum. But she didn't stay all that long and came back to play with us and let us out in the pasture.

So how did we celebrate? Remi, Indy and I got to go chase rabbits in the pasture, that's how! I, of course, took the lead and scared two rabbits! Wow!

After that we gathered on the patio at the patio table for special treats. They were from Trader Joe's so you know they were healthy treats. Since they were something different, I was really excited! We each got one.
Hooray for National Dog Day!
Then when dinner time came we each got a scoop of cottage cheese on top of our kibble. That was a REAL TREAT! I loved it!

After that, we got to stay up late and play in the back yard. We had a pretty good time on National Dog Day. All three of us are adopted and all three of us are celebrating that.

Love, Cinnamon


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