Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day #2 at Lake Coeur d'Alene - Dog Park and Blue Green Algae

Here's the new dog park.
It was sandy but at least there was shade!
Well Day #2 at the lake was much better than Day #1. I got up bright and early (dawn, actually) and asked to go outside. It was cool and beautiful. I could smell the moisture in the air. We walked through the quiet neighborhood.

Here's the historic Blackwell House.
Later we got ready for an adventure. We went to the downtown dog park which was brand new. It was shady there and I got to trot around all by myself. We played with sticks and I felt so much better now that it was cooler.

An older couple came and put their dog in the dog park and went over to the tennis courts and played tennis. I thought that was ILLEGAL!

After that we had a SURPRISE! We drove up to this beautiful Victorian home and walked into the back yard. And guess who came out of the house? It was UNCLE TOM, my favorite guy! I was so excited to see him. Some of our family was staying there. I heard there were 16 people in that huge house! I think they were having fun.

We visited for a little while and then went back to the cool motel for some breakfast. This was a great day so far!

Here's the house they were building. I think I'd like to live there!
Then later that morning we got in the car and took a drive on the east side of Lake Coeur D'Alene. It was nice out there... more woodsy and pretty.

I saw a house I might like to have. It had a lake view and was being built up in the woods on top of a bluff. I could picture myself looking out at the lake from one of the windows. Dream on...

The walk was cool and shady when we started out.
So then we stopped at the Centennial Trail and took a little lakeside walk. There were huge motor boats on the lake. It seemed like all the access to the lake was by private dock. There weren't any places for me to go down to a beach and get a drink. It was getting hot again and I was getting THIRSTY!

So then we came to a real beach by a yacht club (or at least I thought it was). But OH NO! There were signs all over saying PRIVATE BEACH - ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS ALLOWED!

Fortunately we saw a sheriff's deputy going down to the marina. We asked her if I might go to the lake for a drink of water. She petted me and said it would be ok if we were quick. (we were). I felt much better after the drink. Then we talked to her. She said to watch where we went because over at Fernan Lake there is BLUE-GREEN ALGAE. A dog went in and died immediately. It is something for dogs to be aware of. Maybe that's why I really didn't want to go swimming in the lake. We told the sheriff's deputy thank you and walked on back to the car.

I was happy to get back to the motel for a cool rest. The wedding was to take place that evening and my owner was making sure I got plenty of exercise before the wedding. (Not because I was invited, mind you... but because I was going to stay in the motel room all by myself for the evening).

Love, Cinnamon the tired Coonie

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  1. Dat house dose look pretty good, I bet it would have a good view for barkins.


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