Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Pros and Cons of Guests

Here I am looking all innocent before our guest arrived.
I was so excited, I couldn't contain myself. I ran in circles. I was thrilled. We had a person come visit us. I was eager with anticipation. Would this person bring treats? Would this person bring toys? Certainly this new person would bring much more fun than I was having!

So my elder friends, Remi and Indy, attacked her at the front door.... smothering her with attention and love. My owner was embarrassed. But we thought this was the best way to get treats, attention and toys... right?

So they settled in and we tried to behave but really took turns kissing up to our house guest. Toys? Treats? Attention? It was all there for us to soak up, right?

As the days passed we did get loves and attention but then something else happened. We had to admit that the new friend was also there to see our owner. She wanted to do things WITHOUT US DOGS!

So here's the story. One night they took off after feeding us our dinners rather early. The were going to dinner THEMSELVES, BY THEMSELVES! That's rude, right?

That is when I decided that having a human friend visit was not all that good. THEY WERE OUT UNTIL 10 p.m. Can you believe that? 10 p.m.! I thought that was rude and neglectful.

So while they were gone, we talked... we dogs. We decided that we would NOT be peacefully asleep when they came back from the fun downtown. We would stay awake and make a rukus!

So we did. They pulled up in the car about 10 p.m. We barked, we yelped and we scratched at the doors. We acted like we were starving. We acted like we had to go to the bathroom. We acted like we were severely neglected. We acted like we had to go chase coyotes in the pasture.

So they started to feel badly and let us outside. I, Cinnamon, went bonkers. I smelled rabbits. I smelled mice and I thought I heard a coyote. I was inconsolable. I had to hunt, to chase and to howl. Arooo!

Finally we were so obnoxious that my owner came and caught me by my collar and the scruff of my neck and brought me back to the house. We were told, in no uncertain terms, that WE WERE TO CALM DOWN AND GO BACK TO BED!

So we did!

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