Friday, August 22, 2014

Walking Liberty Bay in Poulsbo, WA

There are Vikings
all over the place in Poulsbo.
I'm still in Poulsbo, the little Norwegian town, dog-sitting the geriatric country cousins of mine. I keep busy exercising them, scaring frogs, scaring rabbits and making sure the place is secure.

But I am used to getting out and about much more. So this morning I asked to go for a ride along with my owner to the pharmacy. Yep, I was bored enough that the car ride sounded like fun for me, Cinnamon. Besides, sometimes the people at drive-up windows give out TREATS. One never knows.

So we headed south to Silverdale. We pulled in to the drive up window to get the prescriptions. There were no treats offered. DRAT!

So to make up for it all, my owner drove me to Poulsbo and we parked at the harbor. I love the harbor... all the boats and all the smells.

We took a walk along Liberty Bay and ended up on a really neat boardwalk. I thought maybe I should go down on the beach and check out the sea life but there were signs all over that the SHELLFISH WAS POISONOUS! So we didn't go down to the water or the beach.
Here I am on the boardwalk gazing
longingly out over Liberty Bay.

It was warm out, we had a nice walk. I wished I could have gone on a fishing boat but I can't always have my way, right?

I got hot so now I'm going to lie under the dining room table and take an afternoon nap.

Love, Cinnamon


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