Thursday, August 14, 2014

Free Shipping and Save 20 % on Everything in My New Pet Products Shop

I recently signed up and was approved to have a Coonhound Tales Shop on my website. It is powered by the reputable Inside Warehouse and most all pet products are represented. Now I, Cinnamon, don't really send these things to you. The program works with an entire network of suppliers who are going to be doing the shipping to YOU!

Here I am shopping in a regular store.
I much prefer shopping in my new online store!
I wanted to let you know that I tested it out myself. I ordered my favorite dog food, Merrick, in a 30 pound bag. I know what that costs. I have ordered it from several places. Let me tell you... I saved over ten dollars (off any cheap price I have EVER seen) and it is going to be delivered to my door. So it works.

Since it is a new program for me and I want it to succeed (I get my toy and food money from my income on my blog.. and treats too!), I am sharing the 20% off coupon code with you. You put it in at checkout. The coupon code is: COON-LAUNCH-20  This code gives 20% off the shopping cart amount (adds up to other existing discounts). I can only use it 20 times or 30 days from now (whichever comes first). There is no minimum amount for an order to apply this code. Oh yes, since I just ordered, there are 19 uses left. First come, first served!

Now you have the code. To find your preferred pet products you click on the Pet Supply Shop tab on my blog or on the Coonhound Tales Shop (on the bottom of any page), use the search or just browse. When I put in Merrick, all their products came up, even ones I didn't know existed!

Please try my shop. Both you and I will benefit!

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