Monday, August 25, 2014

Little Miss Sunbeam

This sunbeam on the landing is just right for ME!
Ever since I visited Haida Gwaii and stayed in the attic apartment at the B&B, I've earned the name "Little Miss Sunbeam." You see, even on a hot day, I love basking in the sun. There will be no Vitamin D deficiency for me, Cinnamon!

Sometimes I have to search high and low for a good sunbeam. At the Country Cousins' house THERE ARE NO SUNBEAMS ON THE FIRST FLOOR! I finally got smart and started looking upstairs AND THERE THEY WERE! I found sunbeams on the stairs. I found sunbeams in the hallway and, if the bedroom doors were not closed, I'll bet I'd find sunbeams in the bedrooms!

So I am much happier now. I have found my sunbeams. I think I'll go curl up in one now!

Love, Little Miss Sunbeam

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