Friday, August 15, 2014

Cinnamon Goes Shopping

We had an equipment emergency here at the Country Cousins' yesterday. One of the lumpy balls was broken (by Indy) and we only had one left for THREE dogs to play with!

Since exercise is so important for these geriatric dogs, part of my duties as chief dog-sitter is to make sure we have all the equipment we need.

So, even though it was raining, I hopped in the car and we went shopping for MORE TOYS! Luckily Petco is not far at all.

Here's our local Petco
So I jumped out and went right in. You see, they allow dogs at Petco and APPRECIATE OUR BUSINESS! First I walked through the food section to see what was new and then we stopped and looked at pink collars (because I want one some day).

After that, we got down to business and looked at each and every toy. There were fuzzy toys, little dog toys, flying toys and Kong toys.
Here I am checking out the Kong toys. You can put treats inside them!

I really wanted something like a ball but it had to have a squeaker. And, it had to be the right size. And it had to be pretty strong to withstand chewing.

On the last aisle I found them. Hard, round, squeaky balls... and two sizes. I got three. Two big ones and one little one.
We were in the store a long time. I had to look at each and every toy.
So we drove home and put the balls on the counter for Indy and Remi to look at. They were very excited. We spent some time taking the tags off and making sure there were no strings or things poking out.
Here's what I bought. I think they will last awhile!
Then we headed out to the pasture to PLAY BALL! These balls are heavier so we have to be careful when we throw them. Other than that, they were a BIG HIT!

Love, Cinnamon the shopper

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