Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Traveling to Idaho for my First Visit

I've never been to Idaho before. I never even drove through Idaho when I came to Washington from New Mexico! So I have no idea what it's like there. I hear they have potatoes, lots of them. I don't like potatoes and I am not sure they are good for dogs anyway. 

Here's Cristina and Jace. They are getting married on Friday.
I won't see the ceremony or have dinner at the reception.
I am a DOG!
So why, during a hot summer week, am I going to Idaho? Well, my Country Cousins are having a wedding. Cristina and Jace are getting married. It's at a big lake named Coeur d'Alene. And that's in Idaho. They are nice to us dogs... except they didn't invite us to the wedding or the reception. 

That's humans for you.... so inconsiderate of our feelings. Oh well.

It's a huge lake. I hope to go wading
But I do get to go and stay in a motel. So I'm packing. So far I have the La Quinta Hotel brochure (they always take dogs and don't charge extra), a map of the local dog parks, my food, my travel bed (uncomfortable as it is), my harness and leash and my bowls. Oh yes, I'm going to select just one special toy to take so I feel at home there.

Which toy should I take?
So what are my hopes for Idaho? I want to go to a beach and dip my paws in the lake. I love to wade. I don't know if I can swim but I'm not risking it. It might be too hot for a hike so I'll just sniff around one of the local dog parks.

And, when my owner is at the wedding, I'm going to watch MOVIES! I might start with "Hotel for Dogs." That sounds appropriate. And, I'll get some dog biscuits to snack on. 

Hopefully I will have fun in Idaho and I'll report back in a couple of days.

Love, Travelin' Cinnamon

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