Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cinnamon Goes Hawaiian

Here I am all decked out in my lei and resting on Monica's blanket!
Well, in keeping with the story about the dogs from Maui, I decided to make an appearance at the Ho'ike and Hawaiian Festival in Vancouver's Esther Short Park. I joined some friends, old and new, with a Meet-up group. They don't allow dogs in Meet-up groups but I think Monica might let me in as an "auxiliary member."

Brian is a new friend of mine.
He has two dogs of his
own but they didn't come to the festival so
he was nice to me!.
I was a little confused when I got my lei on and headed toward the park. I pulled in the direction of the Farmer's Market but was told we weren't going there today. I was disappointed.

We nosed around the park and I noticed lots of children, food booths and dancers. Things were looking interesting. So then we went to Starbuck's across the street where we were to meet our group. I got petted by Brian and Monica. But a lady at the next table got really scared of me and moved to another table. Wow! I am friendly to all people. I didn't understand that but she got really nervous.

At that point I just stood there and was very quiet. I didn't want to scare anyone. After all, I'm not a coyote or anything!

After about a half hour of standing and talking we finally went to the festival. I was hoping the food booths would give out samples but they didn't. We had fun looking around. I got hot in the sun so got some water.

Then Monica spread out some blankets that she brought. She was VERY nice to me and let me lie on one of the blankets. I took a little snooze. All the food smells were very enticing but I didn't get any. I think I'd like Hawaiian food, really!
Here's my friend Monica telling me to pose for the camera.
I wanted some Hawaiian Food... not more pictures!

We sat in the shade and talked. After that we decided to go home. I was happy to be home in the shade where I could stretch out and rest. 

I had fun at the Hawaiian Festival but would have had MUCH MORE FUN with one of those delicious Hawaiian food plates! Maybe next time Huh, guys?

Aloha, Cinnamon

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