Saturday, July 26, 2014

Homeless Pets Fly from Maui to Portland and Arrive in Vancouver, WA to Seek Homes

Hi it's me, Cinnamon. I just found out something amazing. In Maui, where many people go for high end vacations, there is a shortage of homes for pets. What would you do if you were a dog, on an island, and all the caring homes were taken. Would you just live out your days in a shelter? I hope not! I am a shelter dog that had to live in a shelter for a couple of months before being adopted. I was lucky. Some Maui dogs and cats are not.

So I found out there is HELP for these animals. It is called Wings of Aloha and it's a program of the Maui Humane Society. Since there may be a better chance for the homeless pets to find homes here in the Pacific Northwest, they have developed a plan to FLY the pets HERE! Imagine, one day you are in the warm humid tropics and the next day you arrive at PDX and see mountains and tall Douglas Fir trees. What a change!
Kelo came from Maui to Vancouver. I wonder if I will see her at the dog park?

But it's all for the good. Recently five pets arrived in Portland and went to my home town of Vancouver. They were received by Tender Care Animal Rescue who will be seeking homes for them.
I hope Maui George finds a home soon!

The way the pets get here is amazing. Wings of Aloha partners with Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines. Both have direct routes here. If a person from this area is vacationing in Maui and is returning on a non-stop flight they can help out. All they do is let the dog or cat (I prefer dogs, of course) ride on their ticket. The vacationer just contacts the Maui Humane Society and they take care of everything. There is no cost for the vacationer and they really don't have to do anything.

The pet rides in the special pet section of the luggage compartment and once, they land, the receiving agency here just picks up the happy pet and, of course, takes them outside for a bit and then off to their shelter or foster homes.
I think I need to tell Giselle that she can't wear that pink lei here in the Northwest!
Go get some Columbia Sportswear, Giselle... you'll need it!

My owner is going to be writing about all the details, but in the meanwhile if you are flying Maui to PDX you can get more information here.Wings of Aloha sends animals to other places too via these direct flights so before you vacation in Maui check out your flight to see if you can help a homeless animal like I used to be. 
Aloha... Love, Cinnamon


  1. I guess this means I need to vacation in Maui.....

  2. Cinnamon says, "It's the only humane thing to do!"

  3. We brought 4 dogs to Portland earlier that same week with this program. It was so easy and we felt good about it. We met both George and Giselle here in Maui and hope that they finally find their forever homes.

    1. George and giselle have both found their forver homes :-) as well as kelo.

  4. Cinnamon says " you must be wonderful. Thank you for giving them this chance at happiness. Aroooo!"

  5. Woof! Thanks for sharing the "sPAWtlight" with Maui Humane Society and its very worthwhile Wing of Aloha program. Fans of shelter animals all over the island and all over the world thank you. You're a good girl, Cinnamon!

  6. Cinnamon says, "Aroooooo! You are very welcome!"


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