Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Coolin' Off and Having Adventures at THE BEACH!

I don't know what to tell you first... about all the fun I had getting here to the Long Beach Peninsula of Washington or about being here. But right now I have to say I am enjoying the cool misty weather, the sound of the surf and the dog friendly Adrift Hotel & Spa right on the beach! Although I haven't had my spa treatment yet, I have nosed around the beach and town and really like it here.

What a nice room for me at the Adrift Hotel. I wonder where my owner's room is?
When we got here and checked in I GOT TREATS! So it was right then and there that I knew they liked dogs. Then we had a look at our room. I really liked it and especially liked the sliding glass window that let the sea air in. You see, it's really hot back in my home in Vancouver, WA... really hot! I am so glad to be AT THE BEACH!

So then we went exploring. I walked through the sand and hopped up on the board walk. That was fun. The sea air was blowing my ears!

It was then I spied some HUGE BONES in the sand. Turned out it was a skeleton of a Grey Whale. I'd never seen anything like that.
Here's the whale bones. I considered taking one back to the room to snack on.
But figured I'd better not!
After that we went down on the beach and I got sensory overload. Wow... there were crab shells, seaweed and little see-through sail things that I found out were related to jellyfish. Those funny little things had washed up on the beach. I LOVE THE BEACH AND THE SMELLS. It's a great place to explore and do a little wave avoiding.

So then we checked out the Lewis and Clark Discovery Trail.  It's paved and runs all the way to Ilwaco. I'm hoping to check out more of the trail today. There are lots of places for a dog to walk here and lots of sand.

Later in the day we were back on the beach and ran into some horses and riders. They were in the same place we were when the huge elk appeared. THEY WERE HUGE!
Here's the horses on the beach. I like horses but there is a dog that goes with them that
really doesn't like ME!

I went to bed late because my owner was having fun dining at The Depot Restaurant. She enjoyed the seafood a whole lot (I stayed outside in the car and slept) BUT I DIDN'T GET ANY! I did get a little walk in Seaview and really liked it.

But now, since I got my owner up to take me for a walk at 6 am, I'm going to have a little morning nap in my nice room at the Adrift Hotel.

Love, Cinnamon

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  1. Wow, dat are quite an adventure! I luv da beach too.


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