Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cinnamon Volksmarches the Columbia River

I'm so behind. I'm so behind. I have so much to tell you. In the past week I have been on two volksmarches on the Columbia River ... two very different walks.

Here I am trying to get in to see the Julia Butler Hansen Heritage Center in Cathlamet
The first one was in Cathlamet, on the way to Long Beach, WA. We stopped there for a driving break and to stretch our legs. What we found was a historic town right on the river. I loved it! We walked the town and got to go to the marina. We also got to see their museum, a logging engine and a fish buying vessel. That got us in touch with the history of the area. It was all about logging and fishing.

I'll just nose around here waiting to ride on the tugboat, ok?
We nosed around the public pier and I was hoping to be offered a ride on a tugboat. Hadn't they heard about my relatives, Uncle Tom and Cousin Geoff? Surely they would let the relative of tug boat captains on their boat. But I didn't hear them call out my name. I continued up the street sniffing at old buildings and wondering how the feral cats existed there.
I didn't get to ride on the tugboat. Maybe there was no one aboard anyway.

At the end of out walk we saw the Pioneer Church. I think that's all well and fine but I've never heard of a  pioneer dog. I don't think they brought any dogs with them. What lack of foresight!

Then after we got home, we decided to go to a walk hosted by the Longview Border Crossers in Columbia City, Oregon. Now The Longview club is a Washington walking club but somehow they made it across the bridge to Oregon to set up this great little walk. Columbia City is also historic.
We enjoyed the flowers and the nearby dog park in Columbia City

We ran into our walking friends who all greeted me and petted me, of course. I was a little sad that the Border Crossers didn't bring any dog treats with them. Oh well!
Here's my friends from the Columbia River Volksport Club

We walked through some areas with older homes and then a woods. The homes overlooking the Columbia River were pretty impressive but I always prefer a house where I can be in touch with the river. I like sniffing the river life and wading in the water so I need to live right down on the river!
I decided I'd like this big house right on the river. It looks like a boat!
My owner could have half and I'd have the other half!
I always smell new smells and see new things on volksmarches. I'm only a 5K dog right now because I get overheated easily (or maybe I'm just lazy). If you want to see all the walks I have done, just click on the Volksmarch Log tab on my blog. You'll be impressed!

Love, Cinnamon, the walking dog

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