Saturday, July 12, 2014

Salmon and Rainbows: A Great Vancouver USA Morning!

Here I am hoping for Salmon samples!
We went to the Vancouver Farmer's Market when it opened at 9 a.m. because it was still cool out. We looked high and low for our friends who were going to meet us there. We couldn't find them. By 9:15 I was tired of waiting and wanted TO GO SHOPPING!

I was hoping for lots of free samples. So I looked at each table to see what they might be selling. There was way too much lettuce and way too many flowers. I was hoping for something for DOGS! I got petted and met some nice children so that was good.

My owner bought some peaches and apricots from Maryhill Orchards. They had samples of nectarines but I don't like fruit so didn't ask for a taste. They were nice enough, but I didn't like their selection of food.

So once we got the fruit, we went across the way to A SALMON STAND! It was the Harvesters Catch Guy. Now things were looking up. I LOVE FISH AND I LOVE FISHING!

They told me they are catching Salmon up by Forks on the Olympic Peninsula (I'm actually going there at the end of the summer.)  I was thinking I might score a taste of Salmon. But it was all frozen and there were no samples. No smoked Salmon and no fresh Salmon for dogs. Drat! They were nice enough there and I got a little bit of attention. BUT WHAT I REALLY WANTED WAS SOME SALMON! I think we'll have to buy a beautiful Salmon filet next time we go to the market.
Here I am getting a little attention from the Salmon guy.

I had fun at the Farmer's Market mainly because of the people. But there just wasn't enough being sold for dogs today.

On the way home we walked through Esther Short Park and happened upon a little Pride Festival. Rainbows were flying and people were setting up tents. Maybe they would have dog treats? I could only hope.

Treats or no treats, I had a great time going from booth to booth. Everyone was nice and full of pride. I fit right in. I'm pretty proud of who I am too!

So I spied a water bowl at a booth and really appreciated the dog water. I started meeting people at some of the political booths. I'm pretty political myself. After all, I run the National Headquarters of Dogs Against Fireworks. So I fit right in.
Here I am with my new friend and my new rainbow lei at the Pride Festival

They were really sweet to me at the Democratic Party booth. In fact they offered to deck me out in a rainbow colored lei. At first I thought it was something to eat, but once I realized it was to wear, I wore it with pride. I even had my picture taken with the cute woman who was working the booth. She liked me! I decided I made some good friends at the Democratic Party booth. Maybe they would help me with my campaign against fireworks!

So the day turned out pretty good. I got some great attention at the Farmer's Market and a beautiful rainbow lei at the Saturday in the Park Pride Festival.
I think this biker is headed for the Pride Festival!
On the way home I saw a rainbow mural.... I think I like festivals with rainbows!

Love, Cinnamon

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  1. Too bad da salmon dude didn't have samples, I luv fishies too.


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