Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why I am a Neglected Dog

Here's proof that she doted on the horses ALL DAY!
My owner is a writer. In fact, I learned most of my writing skills from her! But writing, and particularly writing about horses, has gotten out of hand. Francesca and I are now neglected hounds and we WANT CHANGE!

So here's what last week was like. On Sunday, Francesca went to Day Care and I stayed home (familiar story). I lazed around the back yard. I lazed around the house. I counted the hours until I had company once again. There was no one to play with, no one to give me treats and no one to offer me fresh water. I was neglected from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. while she doted on the horses at a polo match!

OK, and then came Thursday. Francesca stayed home and I stayed home. BORING! We spent several hours in the den while she went out with friends to enjoy Mexican food. Well, I'm from New Mexico and I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD! I didn't get to go.

And after she fed us our kibble, she said good-bye and went to, you guessed it, a horse event. She went to see Odysseo by Cavalia in Portland. And I heard she got to go visit the horses after the show. I am beginning to hate horses. Now let me tell you, it was late when she finally got home.
Here's proof she stayed late and took pictures
of the horses at their bed time.
She let us outside in the pitch black darkness and we weren't sure what to do. Our schedule was all screwed up. So Francesca hatched a plan to pay her back for her neglect. First we didn't want to go back to bed and then Francesca woke her up TWICE during the night! That was after she broke into her bedroom and stole one of her slippers! GO FRANCESCA!

So we thought that would take care of things and put our owner on notice that her neglect would not be tolerated.

So what happened yesterday? Francesca went to Day Care and you guessed it... I stayed home alone! It was hot too! No one was there to fill my water bowls and no one was there to make sure I didn't lay out in the sun too long and get heat stroke! I WAS JUST ABOUT TO CALL THE HUMANE SOCIETY, when she arrived, just in the nick of time to feed us dinner.

Here I am... neglected.
So I've had it with horses and writing. I need attention, love, food, water all day... not just part of the day or in the evening.

Love, Discouraged, Neglected Cinnamon

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  1. You poor girls! If I lived near you I would gladly sit and keep you company, and even play with you! Your owner owes you a trip to the beach for all that neglect. Yes siree!


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon