Saturday, August 8, 2015

The New Seasons Dog Wash Experience: At least it was for a good cause

I WAS TRICKED! Stinky Francesca needed the bath… not me!

Here's the New Seasons Community
Event Coordinator getting things ready for
the BATHS!
All was well at noon when my owner put Francesca in the car and headed over to New Seasons Market for their dog wash event. Usually New Seasons is a place we go for grocery shopping. But today, there was a special event taking place. It was a benefit for The Pongo Fund.  The Pongo Fund is a food bank for pets. When people can’t afford food for their table, they can’t afford food for their pets either. Enter The Pongo Fund. They work for the day when no dog or cat goes hungry because their families cannot afford to keep them fed. They have provided more than 8,000,000 meals to date. They serve Portland and Southwest Washington where I live.

I was glad to see Francesca go. She was stinky and I needed a break from her. So once the garage door closed, I went to my cushy bed and drifted off to sleep.

I heard that when Francesca got to the event, she saw the wading pool and stepped right in (dumb dog!). But then the New Seasons folks started putting water on her and shampoo too. She gave everyone a pitiful look but she had no out. She was getting a bath or else!
Here's Francesca giving everyone a pitiful look.

There were treats there too! The Portland Pet Food Company makes their pet foods in small batches using local ingredients. They had dog biscuits and “topper” food that you find in the frozen food pet section of New Seasons. Francesca said she loved the biscuits and that made the bath time much more tolerable.

Soon she was home… dripping wet. My owner put her outside in the sun and came to get me. I awoke from my nap wondering what was up. IMAGINE MY SURPRISE WHEN MY OWNER PUT A WET LEASH ON ME! Oh oh! I was headed to the car. Where was I going?

Here I am looking like a drowned rat!
(But the New Seasons guy was really nice!)
We drove out of the neighborhood and down to New Seasons. I saw the Portland Pet Food display and figured it was a pet product show. I downed a biscuit when the man asked me if I would like to try their freshly frozen dog food. WOW! It was good. It tasted just like people food.

I was getting ready to go into Mudd Bay to pick up some treats when I spied three wading pools.

The people at the event motioned for me to get into the first pool. I didn’t want to because I only wade in creeks and rivers. But my owner TRICKED ME and put me in the pool. Out came the pitcher and shampoo and before I knew it I WAS HAVING A BATH. Grrrr. I was clean. It was only Francesca that needed a bath.

Well the New Seasons employee didn’t over-do the water and shampoo so I was in the rinse pool rather soon. I got dried off with my fluffy warm towel and headed out to the car. It was a warm day so I dried off rather quickly. Francesca has longer fur than I do so she needed lots of time in the sunny back yard.

So once I got home after BEING TRICKED I ran and played in the back yard and rolled in the grass. I have to admit it was nice being so pretty and clean.

And I have to say I felt good about my donation to hungry pets through the Pongo Fund. I found out about them through Clark DogPaw, the wonderful group who provides me with dog parks throughout Clark County.

I’m tired and dried off now. I think I’ll take a nap!

Love, Clean Cinnamon

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  1. Being tricked is no fun, but it was for a great cause!


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