Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Beach Bums!

I, Cinnamon, was invited to go to Lincoln City with my owner. Nothing was said about Francesca. But after she quieted down this week and pulled no more shenanigans, we decided to take her with us!
Here I am at the beach earlier this year.

Now Francesca knows nothing about the ocean or the beach. She is from an inland rural county. She'll be surprised. Will she be scared of the waves? I was scared when I first saw the ocean.

I have assigned Francesca the job of writing an article about her first beach experience. And I, Cinnamon, will take pictures to document the event.

I'm so happy to be going to the beach. I hope Francesca doesn't spoil it for all of us. We're going to see a well-behaved greyhound named Winnie. Winnie doesn't know anything about Francesca. Oh oh!

Love, Beach Bum Cinnamon


  1. With the heat and humidity this past weekend I wish I was at a beach! Now it is pouring Cats and Dogs!!! Have a fantastic Tuesday! :)


Thanks for your comment. Love, Cinnamon