Saturday, August 1, 2015

My New Favorite Treat: Wild Salmon Chews (Discount Coupon)

No more rawhide for me!
These are the real deal!
Last night, after a very hot day, the sun went down and we were in the mood to play outside. Francesca and I played balls for about ten minutes and then thought, “Gee, I’d like a treat!”

So our owner went looking in her “treat closet” (she calls it the pantry) and found a bag of treats she had ordered with her own wild salmon filets a couple of weeks ago. 

Little did I know that these would become my absolute favorites!
It took me awhile to get my salmon skin chew
undone so I could enjoy it to the max.

The treats were bone-shaped chews made entirely of naturally dried wild salmon skin. Francesca and I got really excited when we saw them. We sat for our treats and then headed to enjoy them on the cool green lawn.

They were delicious… not like other treats. These were real. These were healthy. They were from Canada. And, they reminded me of fishing in Haida Gwaii when I got salmon jerky as a treat. They were that good!

I, Francesca, ate mine faster than Cinnamon did!
Since they were dried, it took us a while to chew on them. It turned out to be a really great evening. So, you can get some too! They are available from Vital Choice Seafood. Be sure and use our coupon for a discount by clicking on this link:
Enjoy 10% off your first purchase with Vital Choice by using the code: VCAFINT during checkout.

Look for the chews under the Gifts, Samplers and Pet Treats tab on their website.

Here’s a bit about my new favorite treats:

100% Wild Salmon skin*
Natural source of omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein
No byproducts, fillers, or rendered materials
No nitrites or other preservatives or additives
No artificial coloring or flavoring
Product of Canada

Dogs need omega-3s, too!
Each re-sealable bag contains three individually wrapped chews. Store sealed at room temperature. No freezing or refrigeration required. Now this is a problem. Francesca had one and I had one. So now there is just one left. I guess our owner needs to order two bags at a time so the numbers come out even!
Francesca watching me, Cinnamon, out the
window because I took longer to eat my treat! She's
saying "I wonder if Cinnamon will leave part of it
for me!"

*Note: Chews are best enjoyed by pets outdoors or on washable surfaces, as they may shed scale particles. They can also impart a fishy smell and traces of oily residue to textured surfaces such as carpets or sheets.

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