Monday, August 3, 2015

New Dog Park BFF

Here I am with Francesca
Well,  the drama continues at the dog park. People with little dogs bring them into the big dog section. People complain if dogs play with their dogs. It goes on and on. But there is a silver lining to all of this. There are really nice dogs and really nice people there too!

The other day Francesca found someone that liked to play with her. Her name is Susie and she is a real cutie.

She knows better than to play with me because I am too good to play silly games with pups!  But she's just right for Francesca, who is also silly.

They run like the wind, pretend they are biting each other and then wrestle in the grass. They are pretty tireless! And, the best thing is that they are fairly matched.
Here's a picture of Susie with her ball.
Francesca likes to steal the ball and play keep away!


  1. Glad Francesca and Susie are havin fun!

  2. Hi there!! :-)

    This looks like such fun!

    Woofs from us,


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